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It's never too late to overcome your fears and take a risk in life. 

You only live once!


Having a second chance at life after a near-death experience 8 years ago taught me to take positive risks in all aspects of my life without regret. I was on my deathbed thinking about all of the things I did not act in doing and was filled with regret. I made a promise to myself that I would not allow fear to stop me from creating the life that I desire and deserve. 

There was a spiritual shift that took place deep within my being after this experience that had me craving more in life and wanting to overcome fears that have been haunting me. Fears from past trauma and abuse that kept me a prisoner in pain and suffering that needed to be released. My fears caused me much anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, hypochondria and held me back from experiencing so many amazing things in my life. 


My near-death experience was a blessing in disguise that forced me to look at life with new eyes, mind, heart, and spirit. It helped me to become open-mind and open-hearted about what I truly desired and helped me to stop playing small in my life.


I made a fearless decision in taking positive risks and stopped holding myself back regardless of how uncomfortable I felt. I am finally happy and complete in being the person I was created to become by taking positive risks and stepping outside of the box.

My mission as a Spiritualist and Positive Risk-Taking Enthusiast is to encourage others to overcome fears and take positive risks in all aspects of their lives to feel powerful and complete.

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