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Dhylles Victoria Gibbs,

Spiritual Matchmaker

Mentor for Spiritual Seekers

Coastal Place Sanctuary

Savannah GA 31401



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45-Minute Introduction to your Spirit Guides

45-Minute Oracle Reading gives an opportunity to discover your Spirit Guides and what they represent in the world as well as the roles they play in your life.


This helps you get a deeper understanding of who has been assisting you in your spiritual experiences and messages you have been receiving.

90- Minute Create Relationships w/ Spirit Guides

90-Minute Session gives Spiritual Seekers the opportunity to connect and learn ways to build and maintain relationships with their Spirit Guides.


Discover your Spirit Guides Love Language as well as create spiritual practices/rituals to communicate with them on a daily basis to ensure spiritual reciprocity.

4-Week : Discovering Your Spiritual Roots 

4-Week Session gives Spiritual Seekers the opportunity to discover their spiritual roots and ways to apply it to their lives.


This gives them an opportunity to dig deep in understanding their spiritual experiences and why they were gifted with specific abilities and where they come from.


This helps Spiritual Seekers not only embrace their spiritual gifts and ways to use their gifts to heal themselves as well as heal and serve humanity in a powerful way with the help of their Spirit Guides. 

Bracelets Design Consultation

Your bracelets are personalized and customized to align with your spiritual beliefs, mind, heart, and spirit. One of a kind designs that made for protection, abundance, love, prosperity, health, clarity, consciousness and more.

Customized Spiritual Altar Kit Consultation

15-Minute consultation to discuss your reasoning to create your spiritual altar as well as what spiritual tools would work best to activate your altar that aligns with your spiritual identity, beliefs, mind, heart, and spirit.


I help you by purchasing and creating your spiritual tools for your altar that is uniquely created, cleansed and prayed over with your intentions in mind and delivered followed by assisting you in finding the perfect sacred space in your home to set up your altar.

Energy Clearing Home & Office Services

I am offering my Energy Clearing Services to home and businesses in the Savannah Area at a very special offer to elevate the energy and ambiance that results in a more calm and peaceful atmosphere for Owners, their staff as well as clients.  My mission is to create an amazing experience of making everyone in your establishment feel truly at home and never want to leave because of the shift in energy and ambiance.

Online Courses Coming Soon! 

More information to be provided soon.