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For any questions you have, you can reach me here:

Dhylles Victoria Gibbs,

Oracle & Ancestral Advocate

Mentor for Spiritual Seekers

Luna Healing Arts Studio

104 East 40th Street, Suite B 
Savannah, GA 31301



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Whom do my services, workshops, and events serve:

  • For those who feel conflicted about their spiritual beliefs and what they were taught growing up

  • For those who are seeing life from a different perspective that has them questioning their humanity 

  • For those who find themselves questioning their mistakes and regrets from past behaviors and experiences 

  • For those looking for ways to work on self-love and self-forgiveness in order to heal emotionally, mentally, and spiritually

Results that Spiritual Seekers receive from working w/ me:

  • ​Accept and embrace all aspects of who you are emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually

  • Create a stronger and more powerful blueprint of the life you were meant to live

  • Discover your spiritual identity and gifts and activate them in ways to serve those around you

  • Replace confusion and frustrations w/ strength, forgiveness, peace, awareness, and fearlessness

Schedule your spiritual seeker's intuitive session with me below. 

90-Minute Spiritual Strengthening Session

90-Minute Spiritual Strengthening for Spiritual Seekers who are experiencing emotional, mental, and spiritual shifts and not sure how to process what is taking place.


This is a great way to be introduced to your spiritual awakening and discover where you are right now in real-time in your life.

4-Week Group Spiritual Strengthening Session

 4-Week Spiritual Strengthening Group Journey w/ Oracle Dhylles V. Gibbs. These weekly sessions consist of group support and encouragement with other spiritual seekers who are experiencing the very same frustrations and struggles as yourself.


Our group sessions include creating healthy habits, thoughts, and language with your accountability partners to help you shift into the person you are becoming. 


This 4-week journey will consist of 4-6 students and will be 90-minute sessions in person, over the phone or video chat. 


$80 savings off of 4 single sessions

6-Week  One-on-One Spiritual Strengthening Journey

6-Week Spiritual Strengthening Journey w/ Oracle Dhylles V. Gibbs who helps you release what has been holding you back.   


Each week will consist of learning ways to implement spiritual strength that leads to self-love and forgiveness from past abuse and trauma that no longer serves you.


You will receive effective spiritual techniques, guided affirmations, and practices that help with gratitude, abundance, prosperity, and feeling complete.


$60 savings off of 6 single sessions 

Relationship Strengthening Session

For couples who are spiritual seekers ready to work deeper on their relationship on a spiritual level by releasing baggage and trauma from their past in order to create a new foundation together.


For couples looking to build deeper trust in their relationship and desires to let go of insecurities  and generational curses to obtain a successful relationship. 

A 90-minute session in person, over the phone or video chat. 

Home Saging Sessions (Savannah Clients Only)

Cleansing and clearing out negative and toxic energy that no longer serves you and protecting your spirit from lower energies that disrupt your vibration and frequency. 

Online Courses Coming Soon! 

More information to be provided soon.