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For any questions you have, you can reach me here:

Dhylles Victoria Gibbs,

Oracle & Ancestral Advocate

Mentor for Spiritual Seekers

Luna Healing Arts Studio

104 East 40th Street, Suite B 
Savannah, GA 31301



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About Dhylles Victoria Gibbs

I am Dhylles Victoria Gibbs, Founder of Get Spiritually Activated, LLC. I am an Oracle, Ancestral Advocate, Mentor for Spiritual Seekers. 


After a near-death experience 8 years ago, my life was never the same and something spiritually shifted in me that was powerful and unexplainable. I evolved into a spiritual being having a human experience who was able to see, feel, hear and know spirit on a deeper level beyond my own understanding. My gifts and talents to tap into the energy and spirit of those whom I encountered were developed on such a powerful and is used to served humanity in an authentic way. 


I made a conscious decision after several years of spiritual experiences to step into my spiritual birthright and honor my ancestors who revealed themselves to me along with my spiritual mother ISIS. I am a portal between the physical and spiritual world who gives guidance and mentorship to Spiritual Seekers who are seeking truth and a desire to understand more about who they are, why they are here and what is their contribution to humanity. 

Reasons to work with me:

  • I truly know what it feels like to experience abuse and allowed the trauma to keep me in fear.

  • I have experienced doubt and self-sabotaging thoughts and patterns.

  • I dealt with questioning my faith and spirituality that led me to true healing and finding my spiritual identity and gifts to serve humanity. 

  • I am extremely intuitive and know exactly what spiritual seekers are going through and how to effectively offer solution-driven breakthroughs.


Media Appearances

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Speaking Opportunities/Panel Discussion

Dhylles Victoria Gibbs is available for speaking engagements and panel discussions to share her story, experience, and spiritual techniques. 

My speaking topics are as follows:

  • Embracing Your Spiritual Strength

  • Owning Your Spiritual Worth

  • Identifying yourself as a Spiritual Seeker

  • Ways to connect and build relationships with your Spirit Guides

  • Spiritual Practices and Rituals

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