Meet Dhylles Victoria Gibbs

I am Dhylles Victoria Gibbs, Founder of Get Spiritually Activated, LLC. I am a Spiritual Matchmaker and Mentor for Spiritual Seekers. Specializing in helping Seekers find their spiritual roots by connecting them with their Spirit Guides. 

I found my spiritual roots when I made a decision to move to Savannah Georgia after feeling like I was mourning the loss of New York City and being in Corporate America for over 15 years. My spirit was going through a rebirth and renewal after having a near-death experience that caused a powerful shift to take place within.


This was the wakeup call I needed to think, speak and act differently in my life.  Once I moved to Savannah Georgia, I encountered an amazing and powerful reunion with my Ancestors, Angels and Goddess ISIS who happily revealed themselves to me. I was able to find the spiritual roots that allowed me to be open to the levels of spiritual guidance, mentorship, and lessons I was being taught by my spirit guides.


It was truly an amazing gift of spiritual completion that has assisted me in all aspects of my life. I had an improved sense of consciousness, awareness, and awakening where I was able to take my place in this world with confidence, courage, fearlessness and unwavering faith. 

My purpose as a Spiritual Matchmaker and Mentor is to connect as many Spiritual Seekers with their Spirit Guides to wake up their spiritual gifts that have been lying dormant within them so they can powerfully make an impact in serving humanity. 

Reasons to work with me:

  • I can see, hear, feel and know spirit on a powerful level that allows me to relay accurate messages when working with my spiritual seekers

  • I can help Spiritual Seekers connect and build powerful relationships with their spirit guides and teach ways to protect themselves from spiritual intruders that not aligned with your guides 

  • I can help you identify your spiritual roots and ways to apply them to your spiritual practices and routines in order for you to feel connected to your spirit guides as well as feel spiritually complete


Media Appearances

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Speaking Opportunities/Panel Discussion

Dhylles Victoria Gibbs is available for speaking engagements and panel discussions to share her story, experience, and spiritual techniques. 

My speaking topics are as follows:

  • Why discovering your spiritual roots is essential to your spiritual journey

  • Why connecting with your spiritual guides help you become spiritual complete 

  • Why spiritual reciprocity is essential to working with your spirit guides


Contact Me

For any questions you have, you can reach me here:

Dhylles Victoria Gibbs,

Spiritual Matchmaker

Mentor for Spiritual Seekers

Coastal Place Sanctuary

Savannah GA 31401



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