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For any questions you have, you can reach me here:

Dhylles Victoria Gibbs,

Oracle & Ancestral Advocate

Mentor for Spiritual Seekers

Luna Healing Arts Studio

104 East 40th Street, Suite B 
Savannah, GA 31301



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Specializing in working with spiritual seekers who are ready for the truth, clarity, and spiritual awakening to truly serve in their purpose. 

45-Minute Spiritual Seekers Intuitive Conversation over Coffee/Tea w/Oracle Dhylles 

45-Minute Intuitive Conversation over Coffee/Tea for Spiritual Seekers who are experiencing emotional, mental, and spiritual shifts and not sure how to process what is taking place. This is a great way to be introduced to your spiritual awakening and discover where you are right now in real-time in your life. 

6-Week Spiritual Seekers Awakening Journey

6-Weeks of digging deep into truly discovering whom you are becoming and identify your true purpose by releasing parts of yourself, thoughts and behaviors that have been holding you back. Forming new habits, thoughts, and language that helps you vibrate higher in creating the life you were created to live. Focus on listening to spirit on a deeper level so that you are able to see, hear, feel and understand yourself to prepare you for your spiritual awakening.  Payment plan accepted. 

4-Week Spiritual Seekers Group Awakening Journey

Join other spiritual seekers and create a community with this 4-week group awakening journey. program. This is an opportunity to learn and grow with others who are on the same spiritual path as yourself. A wonderful opportunity to gain wisdom and encouragement as well as share spiritual experiences with others who may be going through the very same transitional shifts. Payment plan accepted.


Personal/Spiritual Guidance sessions for a group of 4-6 people in a group setting. Includes Q&A as well as clarifying concerns and alleviating stress/worry to leave the group feeling confident, courageous, and complete. Followed by a Burn & Release and Saging Ritual. 

Private FACEBOOK Community

​This membership offers mental, emotional and spiritual decluttering and will leave you feeling self-assured and ready to take on new challenges in your life. Receive confidence, inner peace, and tranquility that will help with life-changing situations. Real-time clarity and confirmation from Spiritualist Dhylles Victoria who gives on-point readings that identify your concerns and offers words of wisdom and encouragement.

Full Access to Dhylles Premium Membership

Get full access to me twice a month for 45-minutes with my VIP Monthly Membership that helps you with major life-changing decisions through solution-driven results that are effective. Together we will create a plan of action that is emotionally, mentally, spiritually and professionally beneficial to your needs, wants, and desires. Sessions will take place in person at Luna Healing Arts Studio or over the phone or video chat. Monthly subscription to my Spiritual Self- Care Bath Set (One Tea Bath & Soap Bar w/ Tea)