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"Not only are the bath & tea amazing, Dhylles is attentive and engaging. I mean have you ever had a super relaxing bath that came with follow up care?! I woke up without a headache for the first time in ages and calm that has been missing for some time. Thank you Dhylles." ~Barbienne R. 

"She was very sweet and gave a lot of clarity. I like that’s she doesn’t sugarcoat anything. She also did a follow up to check on me. That’s what I call service beyond the sale. Highly recommended. Truly amazing." ~Shyne A.

"Dhylles was spot on today! She is a kind, beautiful, caring, fierce and honest human being. She told me everything I needed to hear today and now I know what I need to do going forward and what changes I have to make. Thank you my friend." ~Morgan P.

"Dhylles is definitely a gifted spiritual mediator and healer... Being at the point in my life where I wanted to spiritually, mentally and physically declutter I connected with Mrs. Dhyllis and purchased the spiritual bath. It was very uplifting. I really recommend this product for anyone who feels they are carrying any baggage they are needing to let go seen and unseen and reprogram your mind. She is heaven sent." Ceclia P.

"Dhylles is a very honest and loving individual. She always give 110% effort with anything that she does. She is very honest and open. She has the most loving and genuine spirit. She gives a lot of insight and perspective during her readings. Check her out and you will be very pleased." ~Lasharra B.

"Right on the money with her reading!! She was kind, compassionate and lovely! Thank you for giving me the messages from beyond that I needed to hear. Totally recommend a reading with her!" ~Tiffany C

"Dhylles is AMAZING! I'm not sure which ancestor/ spirit guide led me to her...but I'm sooooo happy they did!

Dhylles has been spot on every time & providing clarity in life-changing situations. I highly recommend Dhylles! She's my "go to Earth Angel " 😏 and I'm thankful for her & her gifts!" ~Kiki C.

"Great reading! I received clarity for “in the moment” things that were going on.
I purchased the Spiritual Bath, soap & tea. After the Spiritual bath, finishing the evening with the tea, was soothing and relaxing. I enjoyed the Spiritual soap until the lasts of it PLUS the stones/crystals from the soap I carry with me.
Delivery arrived as promised and the packaging represents the attention to detail." ~Jackie M.

"I recommend all of it the whole experience the readings the Awesome products the whole journey to love and light , Inner peace and tranquility Consistency is definitely key it’s a Beautiful process patience and time is what You need in order to succeed Namaste" ~Cannetta S

"Dhylles is an amazingly gifted and compassionate healer! My first reading with her gave me so much insight. As I have worked with her since she has given me healing, confidence, and clarity to say the least. Her products are pretty amazing as well-definitely try her Spiritual Bath! You will feel peaceful and connected." ~Katie R.