Newly Awakened Seekers Virtual Academy

Scheduled Virtual Classes

Spiritual Decluttering Virtual Class: Takes place every first Saturday of the month, 1 PM EST via Zoom. 

This class offers step-by-step techniques and tools to declutter what no longer serves you and helps in releasing shackles, chains, and fear that has held you back from trusting your intuition.


This class will help you build stronger intuition in effortlessly decluttering and letting of things and people who no longer serve you without feeling guilty. 


It will also teach how to honor your feelings and boundaries so that you can have a peaceful and drama-free life to hear your spirit guides clearly. 

Learn to Work w/ Oracle Cards Virtual Class: This class takes place on every 2nd Saturday of the month 1 PM EST via Zoom

I will be teaching and sharing techniques to build intuitive skills with Oracle/Tarot Cards to receive accurate messages and directions from your spirit guides. 

Working with Oracle Cards offers insight, clarity, and peace of mind to those who are having difficulty within themselves, relationships, major life-changing decisions, and other challenges they are experiencing.

Create Your Unique Altar Virtual Class: This class takes place every 3rd Saturday of the month 1 PM EST via Zoom

I will be teaching step by step on various spiritual tools to create your unique altar as well as spiritual techniques to create the bond with your spirit guides by creating your altar. 

You will gain insight and guidance on creating your Unique Altar to connect with the spirit guides that are excitedly waiting to unite with you and assist you in every aspect of your life. 

I will be providing suggestions on various spiritual tools to add to your altar that will help you feel complete emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well as powerfully build that relationship with your spirit guides.

Identify your Spirit guides & How to work with them: This class takes place every 4th Saturday of the month 1 PM EST via Zoom.

I will be teaching and sharing techniques to identify your spirit guides, what roles they play in your life as well as how to communicate with them in their love language. 

I will be teaching and sharing ways to: 

  • Identify your spirit guides and the roles they play in your life

  • How to feel and know when your spirit guides are around you

  • Ways to understand when they are sending you messages 

  • How to understand your spirit guides love language

Contact Me

For any questions you have, you can reach me here:

Dhylles Victoria Gibbs,

Spiritual Matchmaker

Mentor for Spiritual Seekers

Coastal Place Sanctuary

Savannah GA 31401



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